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Terms & Conditions for the Provision of “3D4D/HD” Ultrasound Scans and Consent Form
I understand to drink water one hour before I am due to arrive for my appointment
I understand not to use the toilet until after the scan unless instructed to do so by the sonographer.
I understand to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before my appointment time.
1 I understand that Ultrasound Best (“USB”) provides non-diagnostic, non-medical foetal ultrasound scans – so-called “3D4D/HD” baby bonding scans – for entertainment purposes only.
2 I understand that ultrasound scanning has been used and extensively researched over the last 40 years and has not been found to cause any harm to mother or baby. I confirm that if at a later time informed scientific opinion changes I shall not hold USB liable for any damages.
3 I understand that the images from the 3D4D/HD ultrasound scan will be captured as digital files that may include still and moving pictures of the unborn baby so that digital media such USB memory stick can be produced and photographs printed from the same. I confirm that I shall use all such images as souvenirs of my unborn baby in the womb and not use them for any medical or legal purpose.
4 Under no circumstances shall I use the “souvenir” scans carried out by USB as a substitute for the medical ultrasound scans performed by the NHS as part of ante-natal care.
5 USB have advised me through the Company website of my rights under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018, and especially as regards the Company’s privacy policy. I understand and consent that my images and personal data will be stored on USB IT systems for a period of up to 12 months after the birth of the baby.
6 While I understand that my USB 3D4D/HD scan will be performed by a qualified radiographer, who will perform a visual check during the scan to ensure that my baby is developing normally for this stage of pregnancy, I understand that it is not the purpose of the 3D4D/HD scan to find abnormalities and that the radiographer is not authorised to offer medical or diagnostic advice in this context. I also understand that the 3D4D/HD ultrasound program is not intended for any diagnostic purpose and that USB cannot be held responsible for any abnormalities that might be found at a later date. If, however, any apparent problems are found at the time of the scan I accept that the USB radiographer will bring this to my attention and recommend that I contact my NHS ante-natal medical service provider as soon as possible. I realise that this might take up to 48 hours.
7 I understand that USB accepts clients for 3D4D/HD scans only after they have completed at least one NHS medical ultrasound scan, usually taken at 10-12 weeks gestation, and that I must also be taking part in appropriate ante-natal care. I confirm that I comply with these conditions and accept that USB might ask for proof of the same. I respect the Company’s right not to proceed with the scan if such proof is not made available on request.
8 I realise that USB 3D4D/HD scans are normally offered between 24-32 weeks of pregnancy. In special circumstances USB may at the Company’s discretion carry out scans a little earlier or later than the stated 8-week period. In these cases, however, I accept that scans may not achieve the best results.
9 I understand that the quality of the visual result of the ultrasound scan is dependent on the position of the baby, the amount of amniotic fluid (more is better) and the amount of tissue (skin, muscle, etc) between the US probe and the baby in the womb. A good image can usually be obtained but not always. Given that these factors are beyond the control of USB and furthermore completely unpredictable such that they cannot be known until the scan commences, the Company cannot be held liable if it proves impossible to get pleasing results during the first ultrasound scanning session. In such circumstances, however, I accept that USB will offer one further complimentary ultrasound session. However, this would depend on the reason for not being able to obtain the images in the first place since certain medical conditions (such as low fluid levels) can make obtaining images difficult. I note that if USB think the condition is not going to change I will discuss my options fairly, reasonably and realistically at the time.
10 Experience shows that after two scans it will be possible to achieve acceptable pictures in over 95% of cases. However, as a client I must accept that up to 5% of results may be disappointing.
11 I believe that USB care sincerely for clients and want to deliver the best possible pictures to treasure. Sometimes, however, client expectations are not met. Because USB Sonographers are experienced in the production of ultrasound images they can advise clients what is realistically achievable in the circumstances of any given scan.
12 USB has a gallery images from other ultrasound scans as an indication of the results achievable and on request can show these to clients prior to proceeding with the scan.
13 I understand that in the majority of cases it will also be possible to identify with great confidence the sex of the baby in the womb. I further understand that foetal gender during the 3D4D/HD scan is optional, so I shall inform the radiographer at the time of the scan of my wish to be told or not told the sex of my baby and I understand that the radiographer will try to respect my wishes. I do understand, however, that due to the detailed imaging of ultrasound technology and foetal movement the sex may accidentally be revealed despite the best endeavours of the Sonographers to conceal it. Only on my request, then, when it is possible will the radiographer advise the sex of the baby. I understand that this will be near to 100% accuracy but still note 100% guarantee is never possible.
14 I accept that a minimum charge of 50% of the service fee will be payable whatever the outcome of today’s session to cover the cost of the scan which will in any case check foetal development and may identify the sex of my baby.
15 If I purchase the USB memory stick I understand that all of the images and photographs should be available to take away today. If, however, any unexpected delays are encountered I accept that USB will send them out by e-mail and/or post within 5 working days.
16 I understand that USB may keep images of my scan for a period of up to 12 months but if for any unexpected reason they are lost I shall not hold the company liable.
17 I accept USB reserve the right to use anonymised images in marketing and training but that my name will not be used without my prior written consent.
18 USB will require payment in full of the fee for the professional service prior to delivering the final USB memory stick and photos.
19 USB reserve the right to modify or improve services without notice
20 USB accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal effects however caused while clients are on the Company’s premises.
21 USB will not be held responsible for any breach of this contract caused by circumstances beyond the Company’s reasonable control.
22 USB ask clients kindly to advise during the time of the appointment if any aspect of the service provided falls short of their expectations.
23 I shall be “chaperoned” (accompanied) during the scan by a family member or friend.
24 I am aware that I must be aged 18+ by the date of my appointment in order to receive a scan from Ultrasound Best. Photo ID will be required to verify my age. Failure to provide age verification may result in my scan being refused, and the scan fee forfeited.

I have understood and accept the above terms and conditions
I hereby freely confirm my consent to allow USB to perform a “3D4D/HD” ultrasound scan on me.
This agreement shall be governed by the above terms and conditions of trade under the Law of England.
Nothing in these conditions will affect my statutory rights.

I will be required to sign a hard copy of these terms upon attending my appointment

IMPORTANT: Clients must be aged 18+ by the date of their appointment in order to receive any scan from Ultrasound Best. Photo ID will be required for all scans to verify age. Failure to provide age verification may result in your scan being refused, and the scan fee forfeited.

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